Best french iphone apps…

I’ve gone through a couple of apps on learning french and I think the best one I’ve found so far is Learn French- Très Bien by Online Language Help. There are exercises on every topic you could possible think of including from food and emergencies to false friends and internal organs. There’s also lots of lesson on grammar concepts, which we all now is one of the hardest parts of learning french. It will set you back a few dollars but the free apps I’ve tried just don’t compare. Check it out on the app store and look for this icon:

Learn French- Très Bien app by Online Language Help

Some other apps I’ve found useful are:

French Verb Conjugation Trainer by Online Language Help
Learn French with!
by Busuu Online S.L.
Free French Tutor – 24/7 Language Learning 
by 24/7 TUTOR Inc.

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