Bilingualism makes you smarter!

Yes! This article is brilliant. I’m currently doing my major Research Project for school on the topic of the ‘psychological benefits of learning a second language’. This is perfect

Ici on parle français!

I thought I’d use today’s post to refer  you to an  article from the New York Times, which was passed on to me by a friend, touting the benefits of bilingualism .  It talks about how learning a second language benefits the cognitive functions of the brain and prevents dementia later on in life.  Being a former student of a Second Language Acquisition Graduate program, I found this article fascinating.

I find that as a teacher of French, I am constantly having to convince students of the value of learning a second language, and particularly the value of French here in Canada. Because French is an elective after grade 9 here in Ontario, we try hard to explain to students that French helps people get jobs and get higher paying jobs.   I’ve heard just recently that it even helps people get accepted into university in some cases.  It is a…

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5 Responses to Bilingualism makes you smarter!

  1. Mme Martin says:

    Thanks for reblogging! Good luck with the research project. It sounds very interesting.

  2. sally07 says:

    Go to your Dashboard > Settings (bottom left) > Sharing and slide over the buttons for sharing your blog posts and blog.

    I have just shared this on Twitter. Great post.

  3. maria criselda santos says:

    Reblogged this on xoxocriseldalovestowrite.

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