English Enquête Reflection

Part of my in depth study for french class was to do a reflective piece in English:

For my in-depth study I chose to research how French cuisine has impacted on Australian cuisine. Through research and planning I have analysed a variety of ideas and opinions on this topic. I have learnt more new information than I intended and encountered both surprising and challenging concepts. Both Australian and French cultural ideas were represented as well as my own personal views and past experiences.

To plan my research I used a mind web to create six sub topics:

As I continued to break down the topic, my vocabulary was already beginning to develop immensely. For instance I was learning questions on different aspects of the topic such as ‘Qu’est-ce que tes Australiens savent sur la cuisine française?’. I wanted to address a range of content and use various sources. For example I studied many Internet articles such as the Truffles of Tasmania website (Truffles of Tasmania, n.d ) and a French guide to Australia (Cuisine et Spécialities Australiennes, 2011). Television shows also provided a lot of information. For example I used The French Food Safari (2011) series particularly for the history of French cuisine as well as French chefs and French restaurants in Australia.

A lot of the information that I learnt was new especially about the history of French cuisine and it’s influence on Australia. I found it very surprising to use apps on my phone such as ‘UrbanSpoon’ and discover there were a number of French restaurants, cafes and patisseries in my area such as The Mac Factory and Bistro Dom. I could also read reviews about highly regarded places in other parts of Australia, which I hope to be able to visit especially Vue du Monde, which featured on French Food Safari. I had never before this study been able to realise how greatly French cuisine has influenced supermarkets, especially every day products and specialty produce such as cheeses, wines, pastries, truffles and brioche. I found it challenging to be able to fully understand French sources, particularly the video on truffles, which I watched in class without sub-titles called ‘La Truffe Noire du Tricastin’ (2011). Also trying to incorporate a French quote on cuisine to open my written piece was difficult. I finally settled on La vie est trop courte pour boire du mauvais vin which (Hanson, R, 2012) is a popular French saying and a very good introduction to the French attitude towards cuisine.

Through researching French cuisine I was able to have a great appreciation of my French exchange. I was very fortunate to have experienced such fine cuisine and in my assignment I included what I liked and learnt from my stay. This also helped me to recognise characteristics in the cuisine here in Australia and how it compares to the French. From all the sources that I used I have learnt how the values and beliefs in a culture affect their cuisine. The French love art and so they tend to be creative with their food but they also indulge in wine and truffles to show wealth. Therefore French cuisine in Australia is always considered to be of the best quality and a bit more fancy than Australia’s more laid back culture. Showing a link between the two cultures whilst being relevant to the topic of cuisine was my purpose for this study. I have been able to enrich my own views and hopefully others on the world wide known topic of French cuisine. In my future travels I will take the time to learn about cuisine in other cultures and any impact that it has had on Australian cuisine.

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  1. maria criselda santos says:

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    I’d like to try this one although i’m not that confident with my french yet. 😦

  2. sally07 says:

    Nearly there so see me so you can embellish it – 10 minutes and you are done. Very impressive.

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